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We also believe in the notion of pleasure – the pleasure of creating and co-creating, of working as a complementary team, of achieving or surpassing established objectives, and of offering a conclusive experience for managers, trainers, and participants alike.

In our first blog, we thought we’d reflect on the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for managers in developing, delivering, and measuring training programs and learning for business.

Managers are currently facing several HR challenges, such as:

  1. Maximizing employee autonomy and performance
  2. Ensuring quality and conformity of operations
  3. Planning and preparing succession
  4. Promoting ownership of change
  5. Mobilizing his/her team

How can AI support managers in addressing these challenges? To demonstrate, I thought I’d use CoPilot to ask, “What’s the difference between a manager and artificial intelligence?”

And here is CoPilot’s answer:

“In short, AI is a technological tool that can support managers in their tasks, but the fundamental role of a manager remains focused on interacting with people and managing operations within an organization.”

Thanks Copilot! It’s neat, it’s helpful and it only took two seconds to get. And I agree. Artificial intelligence does not replace the manager. Although it can become a bad master if we don’t know how to use it carefully, it has all the potential to be, in our opinion, a good servant.

This blog was written as part of the April 12, 2024 conference.

Artificial Intelligence’s Stakes and Opportunities for Managers.

Two more blogs are coming soon – one about AI’s opportunities and the other one about its stakes.

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