• Apprenticeship Consultancy

  • Training Platform allying pedagogy and technology

  • Apprenticeship Solutions tailored for your organization

Apprenticeship Consultancy to overcome your HR challenges

HybFormation offers Apprenticeship Consultancy in order to better target your organization’s objectives. We then develop, implement, and measure interactive, integrated and adaptable Apprenticeship Solutions that speak to your organization’s specific reality and goals.

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Our Apprenticeship Solutions

Our tailored pedagogic approach puts into action proven Apprenticeship Solutions that are facilitated by the innovative application of cutting-edge technologies to encourage optimal employee participation. Your employees will learn what they need at the most opportune moment throughout their career with your organization – introduction, integration, one-time training, certification, etc.

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What you will gain from a collaboration with HybFormation

  • Fully personalized support through an innovative techno-pedagogical approach;
  • Access to cutting-edge technology, tailored to your needs;
  • Facilitation of both remote and multi-site collaborations;
  • Increased workforce retention rate, across all generations;
  • Optimization of productivity and work quality – standardization and sustainability of key knowledge, reinforcement of best practices;
  • Reinforcement of corporate culture – highlighting key messages
  • Reduced time spent by HR managers administering introduction/orientation/training/certification programs;
  • Automation and real-time monitoring of key performance indicators for learning programs ;
  • Increased capacity to create your own training content and learning paths rapidly leveraging best-practice automation and artificial intelligence.

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Our solutions and services

Our Apprenticeship Solutions and Services

Bringing together specialists in the effective delivery of knowledge and apprenticeship, our team develops, implements, and measures learning paths customized to your needs, tailored to the realities of your organization, integrated into your existing systems and ensuring confidentiality throughout the process.

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Tailor-Made Training Development

Working in close collaboration with you and your teams, our pedagogues and digital experts create Tailor-Made Training plans and programs that sync with your specific operations and needs. The characteristics underlying the success of the solutions we develop for you are as follows:

  • Analysis and understanding of the issues in order to translate them into specific learning goals;
  • Interactive solutions – optimization of the user experience for learners, encouraging autonomy and participation; your HR team is at the centre of development and follow-up;
  • Integrated solutions – close connections between innovative learning pedagogy, your organization’s corporate culture and learning objectives, as well as flexible integration with processes and tools already in place or to be set up, in an automated way according to your needs;
  • Modulated and adaptable solutions – contextualization and case studies inspired by real-life work situations; hybrid training (virtual + face-to-face) when appropriate.

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Implementation of Learning Materials

 Our team is responsible for the production and implementation of all training content relevant to your learning and skills development goals:

  • Production of digital learning modules accessible via computer, tablet and cell phone;
  • Production, where applicable, of short learning and/or demonstration videos;
  • Modifiable and adaptable training leveraging artificial intelligence;
  • Training available anytime, anywhere.

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Measurement of Learning Results

Learner performance and HR manager efficiency, the two key components of the exceptional return on investment of your collaboration with our team:

  • Continuous assessment of each individual’s learning progress;
  • Highly detailed tracking of each individual’s progress, enabling the HR manager to intervene at the right moment to ensure optimal and modifiable transfer of learning, as your needs evolve;
  • Optimized completion rates;
  • Maximized HR team efficiency.

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Always on the lookout for the latest advances in pedagogy and technology specific to learning needs and skills development, we’re delighted to share with you the elements that have caught our attention.

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) poses governance challenges for governments, organizations and businesses alike.

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) poses governance challenges for governments, organizations and businesses alike.

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We Are a Proud Microsoft Partner

As a proud Microsoft Certified Partner, we benefit from the support and resources of Microsoft in delivering the right tools to help you achieve your learning and skills development goals with outstanding efficiency.

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Our Digital Content Creation Partners

Our experience shows that quality digital content is one of the keys to optimizing learner interest and participation. As a member of the professional associations in the production industry, we have access to the resources needed to produce top-quality content, from scriptwriting to filming, audio recording and editing.

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Organizations that
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Our Learning

Here is a brief capsule to familiarize you with our pedagogical approach and to help you grasp the full power of our skills development and learning platform.

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Our Team

Under the skilled leadership of Simon Nadeau, President and Founder, and Marjolaine Lewis, Senior Consultant, our team of seasoned techno-pedagogues, supported by our digital experts, goes beyond analysis and strategic advice to offer programs and a learning platform that delivers exceptional results and an outstanding customer experience.

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Our Values

We help create value for your organization by putting
OUR values to work at YOUR service.


    We offer professional, confidential, and transparent collaboration, based on effective working methods that focus precisely on the challenges of each project and that clearly establish expectations, with respect, transparency, and attentiveness to your needs.


    We offer the best technological tools and support to meet your needs, whether through customization of our platform or integration of artificial intelligence. Our team will find the best innovative option for your business.


    Our multidisciplinary team offers effective methodologies and proactive support. Our professionalism, combined with the pleasure we take in working with you to offer customized apprenticeship solutions, is contagious!


    We are committed to working closely with you, respecting your needs in terms of deadlines, content, and branding. Our goal is to provide you with a customized, reliable, and innovative product that meets your expectations.