Training optimized
by technology

HybFormation provides customized online training solutions that combine learning and technology, enabling optimal transfer of new knowledge and skills, and their concrete application in the workplace.

Our Solutions

We base all our training solutions on a pedagogical approach that promotes the transfer of learning in the workplace. Our challenge is ensuring that the proposed training solution will meet the desired results through an optimized user experience. To reach this goal, we connect our expertise in training strategies with your organizational culture and expected benefits.

Custom, interactive, multimedia, and turnkey training solutions

This approach permits us to customize contexts, demonstrations, and case studies inspired by real-life workplace situations while offering accurate feedback, based on the organizational culture. We prioritize the use of processes and tools already in place.

Hybrid training: in the classroom and/or with an instructor

Combining many approaches creates an ideal learning sequence, hence the choice of our name “HybFormation” (“hybrid” + “formation”, which is French for “training”.) The digital platform presents the concepts, ensures their understanding, and offers automated reporting of the participants’ results. The human touch promotes feedback, exchanges, and a group dynamic while also allowing us to personally follow-up on each participant’s challenges.

Supporting the Experts

Our consulting services are offered to our clients’ in-house experts to better target the pedagogical objectives of the training. By nature, experts may be less adept at identifying the essential content and elements that will promote the development of participants’ skills. The pedagogical support offered thus puts the experts to be at the heart of the training’s development while offering them the support of our technoeducators to ensure optimal skill transfer.

Training Videos or Demonstrations

This method is increasingly in-demand since it is perfectly suited to today’s reality: it makes specific elements easily accessible and addresses participants directly. The videos or demonstrations help participants follow instructions correctly.

Micro training: short video training (interactive or not)

Micro tutorials let the learner customize the training according to his or her needs and at his or her own pace. Content is easy to add, modify, or remove, ensuring that the training is always up to date. The videos are quick and simple to design and distribute.

Support Tools

Documents, aide-mémoires, or videos, generally produced to complement the training, give the participants access in a single source to all the key tasks they need to carry out.

These tools promote concrete action after the training and ensure the upkeep of best practices.

Platform and Data Hosting

HybFormation is a proud Microsoft partner.

As a Microsoft Partner, HybFormation is a recognized expert in its field, which can offer customized solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

As a Microsoft partner, HybFormation benefits from Microsoft’s support and resources to ensure the quality, security and reliability of its services. 

High-end video production to maximize training

In addition to developing a pedagogical and strategic approach to training solutions, we rely on a team of experienced professionals who can manage the direction and production of high-end videos from start to finish.

HybFormation is a registered producer and member in good standing of the RPM , UDA and ACTRA associations.

Our values


Personalized service and guaranteed satisfaction.


Custom program and unique solutions based on your financial, material, and human resources.


Return on investment (RI or ROI) and performance indicators. Short term: opportunities analysis. Medium term: post-training.

Your Challenges


Improve performance or upgraded skills


Integrate a new task


Integrate a new task


Introduce a code of ethics


Train on a new computer system


Orient new employees


Upgrade skills


Promote a new service or product


Introduce a new policy


Since its creation in 2014, HybFormation has been headed by Simon Nadeau, Technoeducator. See LinkedIn profil

Simon has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and technoeducator. Renowned for his leadership, creativity, and thoroughness, Simon has developed a unique approach geared to client needs. Above all, this approach aims to provide innovative and customized training solutions that facilitate the concrete application of new skills in the workplace for individuals while optimizing return on investment for companies. Fully invested in each project, Simon always provides the required supervision in a congenial environment that encourages collaboration.