Webinar or virtual classroom: more of the same?

Jan 15, 2019 | Virtual Classroom

Team HybFormation


There is no need to demonstrate anymore that training methods are in transformation. Businesses have greater and more significant need to resort to new technologies to reach geographically remote employees. Consequently, the use of webinars or virtual classrooms is increasing.

But what is the difference between these two formats? Technology, for sure, but especially pedagogy. As the word implies, the virtual classroom is able to recreate the benefits and conditions of a traditional classroom but remotely. A webinar facilitates information transfer to a remote audience and is thus closer to an online conference.

During a webinar, the stress is placed on the content that the expert wishes to present and not on interacting with participants. In this case, technology aims mainly to broadcast in optimal fashion the expert’s performance which limits interaction with participants to them sending in questions.

The virtual classroom, on the other hand, places learning activities at the heart of its unfolding to facilitate knowledge transfer to the participants. The technology involved in a virtual classroom favours interaction between learners and the trainer throughout the session. The virtual classroom is organized and structured in such a way as to develop knowledge and skills in learners.

Did you know that setting up a virtual classroom is easily accessible? A little bit of guidance to define the learning activities and to structure the training, as well as access to the right technology, and you are set to offer that type of training to your employees!

It so happens that we offer the pedagogical and technical support to set up virtual classrooms. We help your experts and trainers to adapt content and learning activities in order to create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment, through a user-friendly platform.

The virtual classroom allows one to:

  • create teams and work in sub-groups
  • present group work
  • set up brainstorming sessions in teams or in large group
  • conduct flash surveys
  • answer the participants’ questions

Feel like using this new learning format? We make sure to:

  • equip your trainers to moderate virtual classrooms, according to their needs
  • use high-end technological material (microphone and HD video, on your premises or in our studio)
  • make a facilitator available to you throughout the session

Let us guide you in setting up your virtual classes.

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