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Mar 13, 2020 | Virtual Classroom

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Moving from the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom. What do I need to know?

You are a trainer or instructor? You are thinking of adapting your course to the virtual classroom? Here are some answers to questions you may be asking yourself on the relevance of the virtual classroom for your situation.


I’m a trainer and several people would  like to enroll in my class but time and geographical constraints prevent them from coming to class. I am thinking of migrating my course online so that these people may enroll. Yet I would like to preserve as much as possible the environment of a traditional classroom. Is the virtual classroom a good solution in these conditions?  

Yes. The virtual classroom allows the trainer to give a class online in real time by sharing a virtual space with the learners. The virtual classroom is designed to promote interaction between you and your learners as well as interaction among the learners themselves, just like in a traditional classroom.


What do I need to teach in a virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom relies on computer technologies. Your basic equipement consists of a computer fitted with a camera and microphone, a headset, high speed internet and software that allows you to login to a virtual classroom platform. If you wish, we can lease you the equipment.   


I’m not very comfortable with technology: it’s complicated and it doesn’t always work. I wouldn’t know what to do if a technical problem arose.  

There’s no denying it: there is some learning involved. This is why you need to be supported well before and during the virtual class. Before your first virtual class, we are there to help you get comfortable with the technical equipment and the tools at your disposal. Moreover, during the virtual class itself, you can count on the continuous presence of a technical assistant who makes sure everything runs smoothly. A guide for the virtual classroom allows the learner to access the virtual classroom and get prepared beforehand. Click here to see the guide.


Is learning as efficient in a virtual classroom as it is in a traditional classroom?

Absolutely. Just as in a traditional classroom, you can use an array of teaching strategies to foster learning. In a virtual classroom you can :

  • Do a presentation
  • Share documents, videos, or websites
  • Ask questions
  • Answer learners’ questions
  • Foster exchanges of ideas and debates
  • Do quick polls
  • Offer an exercise or quizz
  • Present a case study
  • Create teams so that learners can do group work in sub-groups
  • Invite learners to present their work to the class
  • And much more

Just as in a traditional classroom, you are the education specialist. The virtual classroom simply offers you the space and tools to implement your pedagogical vision.


Sometimes I must teach techniques that require the handling of tools or equipement. How can I hold a demonstration in a virtual classroom?

It is true that it is not always easy or even possible to do a live demonstration in a virtual classroom. But there are other solutions. For example, you could film the demonstration beforehand and show it at the appropriate time during the virtual class. There is almost always a way to adapt a learning activity to the virtual classroom.


In a traditional classroom, I can sense the mood of the class. I see it when the learners don’t understand or are bored. Isn’t it  less obvious in a virtual classroom?

There is no doubt that non verbal cues are less obvious in a virtual classroom. But the virtual classroom platform has very efficient tools that you can use to measure the mood of the class. For example, the chat room.  Keep an eye on the chat messages that you receive from the students during class. These will give you a clue as to their degree of comprehension and engagement.  A short quiz or poll can also help you to evaluate what has been understood or not, in addition to renewing their interest.


It seems to me that teaching in a virtual classroom requires a lot of preparation. Is this so?

It is undeniable. One has to prepare for a virtual class. The same goes for any other type of class, whether it is online or not. It takes time to adapt to teaching in a virtual classroom. And it is much easier when you have expert support at your side. We can guide you and advise you on the best ways to use the virtual classroom in order to meet your teaching goals.

In practical terms, we can help you plan the progression of your classes and create or improve learning activities. We can also help you adapt, create and develop tools such as tables and documents or multimedia content such as animations or video capsules, in order to optimize the virtual classroom experience of your learners.

Moving from the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom is not only possible but even a winning idea.



Lise Otis,
Instructional Designer

And the HybFormation team


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