The facilitator in the virtual classroom, a value-added contribution!

Sep 19, 2019 | Virtual Classroom

Team HybFormation


You have chosen to use virtual classrooms for your training sessions. You have taken the time to analyze your needs well and you are convinced that it is the best method to train your employees. But do you really know how to ensure success in this endeavour? Transmitting the coordinates of the virtual classroom to the participants is not enough.

The implementation of such a form of training requires some adaptation for the business and its employees. A rigorous preparation will ensure maximum benefits. This is why being accompanied by a facilitator is a sound investment for carrying out your virtual classrooms.

What is a facilitator?

The role of the facilitator is to guide the participants of a group to work together efficiently (by creating synergy, by generating new ideas, by ensuring the reaching of a consensus) while accompanying them towards the fulfillment of specific objectives. The facilitator is minimally involved in terms of the content to deliver, but he or she ensures that the means used to deliver it are maximized. The objective outlook of an outside expertise is of added value when it comes to meeting the training goals. In this process, the facilitator contributes as much to preparation and broadcast as to the follow up of the virtual classroom.


Preparation with a facilitator

Support of trainors prior to the virtual classes aims to familiarize them with the technical equipment used and with the interaction tools available to create dynamic activities for the participants. 

In addition, tailoring activities to the virtual classroom promotes its smooth functioning. In partnership with your subject matter experts, we, as facilitators, can suggest best practices on how to run training sessions, what type of activities or moderating to put in place and more.


What is a subject matter expert?

The subject matter expert (SME) , is the best qualified person in a certain job or in performing a specific task, or the most skilled in a certain aspect than anybody else in the organization. The subject matter expert is the resource person needed to develop training on a specific aspect or subject.  Sometimes the subject matter expert of the organization has expertise on all subjects involved in the training, sometimes many experts are needed to put together a complete training.

Simply put, the expert is a specialist of the ”what”. We, as training specialists, are specialists of the ”how” and ”why”.


Broadcasting with the aid of an assistant

During the broadcast of the virtual classroom, we ensure its smooth functionning, from the greeting of the participants to the concluding words. We provide complete technical support during each session, and any assistance needed, such as moderating, keeping time, and making sure each student can participate.

The follow-up

As each training is unique, we take the time to discuss with the expert who taught the virtual classroom and with his or her organization to identify the strengths of the performance and what can be improved. The goal is to capitalize on experience and therefore be able to reach the predetermined goals every time.

What is offered therefore is guidance and support throughout your project from beginning to end, aligned with your goals and your ambition.

Our expertise and our experience aim to spotlight your experts by bringing together the right conditions for knowledge transfer.

Let us guide you in your endeavours to set up virtual classrooms.

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